Photography by Maria Baranova

Produced world premiere and Off-Broadway remount of the acclaimed "stealthily ferocious, comfortingly hopeful, very funny" (NY Times) new play

January 2017 world premiere: Bushwick Starr

January-February 2018 Off-Broadway remount: WP Theater and the Bushwick Starr with the support of New Georges

by Kate Benson | directed by Lee Sunday Evans

with Noel Joseph Allain, Kate Benson, Jorge Cordova, Ugo Chukwu, Leah Karpel, Esaú Mora (Starr production), Julia Sirna-Frest, Addison Williams (Starr production)

Set Design: Kristen Robinson | Costume Design: Ásta Bennie Hostetter | Lighting Design: Amith Chandrashaker | Sound Design: Kate Marvin