Creator and producer of this lecture series, founded on the desire to connect emerging arts leaders with those in other fields. Billed as "TED talks for the not-yet-famous", Saloon offered an informal and friendly environment for future leaders to share their work and explore cross-disciplinary thinking and collaboration.

Hosted at 61 Local, Brooklyn. 2010 - 2011.

Sample editions include:

Saloon: The Streets

- Journalist Alex Halperin described the process of creating his Washington Post story on a paroled prisoner's return to life on the streets;

- Marketer Nate Pinsley explored the long creation journey of the electric car

- Photographer Rob Strong traced the history and impact of New York City street photography



Saloon: Culture in the Crescent City

- Management consultant Brent Reidy discussed the strategic plan that revitalized New Orleans' cultural sector after Hurricane Katrina

- Theater director Sarah Hughes described working on mounting Paul Chan and Creative Time's epic Waiting for Godot in the Ninth Ward

- Film producer Clara Aranovich shared the process of shooting her short film The Argument on location in New Orleans, and screened its New York premiere